How to Make Black Christian Dating Work

Black Christian dating is like any other type of dating you will find today: it is a challenge. The challenge is not so much in that, there is no one to date or that you do not want to date. Rather, the challenge comes into play in regards to the overwhelming fact that for many people, finding the right person to date is hard. There are often plenty of people to choose from, but too few to actually find success with because they are not providing you with the type of relationship you are after.

What Is The Problem?

One of the questions that men and women need to ask themselves is about dating in general. What is the problem that you are having? One problem people struggle with is finding others who share their same religious viewpoints. For example, if you are African American, Christian and dating, chances are good you will find plenty of people to date but some of them may not have any ability to actually be in a relationship with you. They do not practice their religion as you do. They may not be devote as you are or they may look the other way in terms of some actions that you are not okay with.

For Christian's especially, it can be hard to find someone to date because people look at religion differently today than they did just a decade or two ago. People do not go to church as they should, according to their religious beliefs. They do not act in the loving, compassionate way that Jesus Christ taught them to. Further, they partake in activities that are supposed to be sacred for marriage and beyond. If you are looking for someone that holds their religious views highly, as you do, it can take some digging to find the ideal person.

Making It Work

How do you make it work then? How can you set out and find others who fit the mold you want them to? A good place to start is within yourself. Be open to people who are different from you. Also, spend some time in places where others who share your religious beliefs are at, such as your local church, charity or other religious facility. The key here is to find someone who shares your beliefs, so it is important for you to position yourself in a place where those people are. 

Keep in mind that black Christian dating is hard for anyone simply because you are trying to locate just one special person who is going to fit within the goals that you have. This is limiting and it can be overwhelming. However, there are resources to help you, including online dating, local Christian singles groups and even your church, family and friends. Take the time to find people who do hold their religious views high and that are willing to be with you because of who you are. The good news is that there are people that will fit that mold.


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